2016 Volume 1 Issue 3

2016. Volume 1. Issue 3. (see full issue)


Markku Mölläri: Regionalisation and competition – Finnish social and health care reform (pp. 5-7)
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2016.3.1.)

Yuri Krivorotko: Welfare sector in Belarus: consistent public policy in the budget sphere? (pp. 8-12)
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2016.3.2.)

Nikolett Zoványi: Foreign Investments: On the Edge of Public and Private Law (pp. 13-15)
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2016.3.3.)

Gábor Péteri: Will re-municipalisation in water sector influence donor policies? (pp. 16-20)
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2016.3.4.)

Nikolett Zoványi: Offshore: Legal or Illegal? (pp. 21-24)
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2016.3.5.)

András Kis and Gábor Ungvári: Feasibility of green auctions in the Marosszög, Hungary (pp. 25-27)
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2016.3.6.)

FORUM (pp. 28-32)