2018 Volume 3 Issue 1

2018 Volume 3. Issue 1. (see full issue)


Editor’s NoteChallanges of Global Trade and EU Policies (pp. 5-6)

Daniel Haitas: China’s Belt And Road Initiative (pp. 7-12)
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2018.1.1.)

Rafael Lima Ashe: How can forum shopping help victims of corporate torts pursue an efficient legal remedy against violations of human rights?  (pp. 13-18)
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2018.1.2.)

Gauri Nirwal: Effect of Brexit On International Commercial Arbitration (pp. 19-24)
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2018.1.3.)

Ninjin Bataa: European Union public policy on Foreign Direct Investment  (pp. 25-31)
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2018.1.4.)

Osman Bugra Beydogan: The EU Policy Pattern in Enforcement of IP Rights  (pp. 32-37)
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2018.1.5.)

Ekaterina Markova: Does the COMI ensure legal certainty of group insolvency in the EU?  (pp. 38-42)
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2018.1.6.)

Miftar Salihi: Governance of EU policies in the Single Market: Challenges of Member States’ compliance (pp. 43-48)
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2018.1.7.)