2018 Volume 3 Issue 2

2018 Volume 3. Issue 2. (see full issue)



Petra Ágnes Kanyuk: Only a Fraction of the Reality… – Combating Violence Against Women in Hungary (pp. 5-10)
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2018.2.1.)

Dawei Song: What Is Cybercrime? A Criminology Perspective (pp. 11-15)
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2018.2.2.)

Fahed Wahdani: Does intellectual property support clean energy? (pp. 16-24)
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2018.2.3.)

Giorgi Gogokhia: Non-Compliance of EU directives: Past experience or ongoing challenge (pp. 25-31)
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2018.2.4.)

Thazinkhaing Moe: Migrant Workers in Myanmar (pp. 32-37)
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2018.2.5.)

Péter Bordás: Public Services and Changes in Financing System of Local Governments in Hungary (pp. 38-42)
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2018.2.6.)