2021 Volume 6 Issue 2

2021 Volume 6. Issue 2. (see full issue)



Ndubuisi Idejiora-Kalu: Master-Slave Psychology Syndrome: Imbalances in the Legal Interface of Treaties Between Powerful & Less-powerful States
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2021.2.1.)

Haekal Al Asyari S.H.: Regional Economic Integration in Europe and South-East Asia: The Principle of Supranationality and Sovereignty in Governing E-Commerce
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2021.2.2.)

Berihu Asgele SiyumA Critical Analysis of Urban Land Policy Formulation and Implementation in Ethiopia: What is there and what is not?
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2021.2.3.)

Zhansulu Muratova: Student Migration as a Threat of Brain Drain in Kazakhstan
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2021.2.4.)

Petra Ágnes Kanyuk: Steps Towards a Reformed Financial Criminal Law in Hungary
(DOI 10.21868/PGnG.2021.2.5.)